Sending a handwritten letter to someone is such a lovely and romantic thing to do, but sometimes it can be nice to add a little extra something to your letters.

Postage can get expensive if you start adding too much to your letters, so I compiled a list of flat and small ideas that you can include.

Do you plan on adding any of these to your handwritten letters? If you have any other ideas of cute little items to add to your letters then comment below so we can all share your ideas


4 responses to “Things To Send In A Handwritten Letter”

  1. ✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿ Avatar

    I’ve been wanting to send my family hand written letters and cards, and these are great ideas! Thank you ✨🎀😊

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  2. sandys5 Avatar

    Great ideas! It makes the letter more personal.

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  3. MKB Avatar

    These are great ideas. I wish I was better at handwriting to make handwritten letters.


  4. Emma James Avatar

    I love this idea! I think having a pen pal would be really fun too.

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