There’s something very beautiful about sending a handwritten letter. In a time full of emails, texts and calls, receiving a letter in the post can be rare. Yet nothing can compare to how special it feels to receive a handwritten letter.

So, without further ado, here are some reasons I love handwritten letters.

Slowing Down

In such a fast-paced world, we often forget to slow down. By taking some time out of our day to sit down and write a letter, we can relax and think about our loved ones at the same time. We send off multiple text messages a day without even taking a minute to think about what we are saying. By choosing to communicate though letters, we can really consider what we want to say to someone.

Someone’s Time Was Gifted To You

Writing letters takes time. The fact that someone spent their time writing a letter to you is so precious and special. It’s a sign that you’re truly loved by that person which is such a beautiful feeling.

Pretty Stationery

Collecting pretty stationery is one of the simple joys of life. Not only does writing letters give you an excuse to collect stationery but you get to see other people’s cute letter sets. Even if a letter is written on plain paper, there’s options of stickers, washi tape and added little gifts.

Letters Last Forever

Letters can be kept forever. After some time, you’ll find yourself with a collection of letters that people spent the time to write. You can look over them whenever you’d like and remember different happy memories. Each letter holds memories that will last forever.

Express Your Love Of Words

Words are like magic. How you use your words can inspire, communicate and create. Letters are a way for you to use words to express yourself and really get to know someone.

Do you write handwritten letters? If you do, do you keep them all to look back on?


One response to “Why I love Writing Letters (And You Should Too)”

  1. Jasmine ♡ Avatar

    I wholeheartedly agree! ୨♡୧ I will always like handwritten letters. 🥰 I think it’s very special when someone decides to take the time to write something pleasant. It’s personal and will be treasured for a long time, like how you mentioned. I love writing warm feelings from my heart. I recently wrote my grandma a letter! ❤️ and she already wants me to write another lol

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