Ever wanted to crochet yourself a butterfly? Well here’s the pattern for you!

With it being Spring, there’s no better time to share a butterfly crochet pattern. This is the first pattern I’ve ever shared and I’m so excited.


Tension is not important for this project, but you may get different sizes based on yarn choice and hook size.


Each butterfly measures approximately 7cm tall and 10cm wide when working with a 4.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn.

Butterfly Pattern

This pattern is written using UK terms.

Using colour A, ch6 and sl st in last ch from hook to form a loop.

Row 1: Ch3 into the loop (counts as treble), 2tr, ch2, *3tr, ch2* repeat from * to *  6 more times. You will have a total of 8 clusters. Sl st to top of starting ch3. Fasten off colour A.

Row 2: Using colour B. Join in any ch2 space. Ch3, 2tr, ch2, 3tr, *In next ch2 space, 3tr, ch2, 3tr* repeat from * to * 6 more times. Sl st to top of ch3. Fasten off colour B.

Row 3: Using colour C. Join in same place you just fastened off. *In next ch2 space, 6tr, ch2, 6tr, sl st in space between sets of tr* repeat from * to * 7 more times.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.Fold in half to create the butterfly shape.

Using any colour ch20. Fasten off. Wrap your ch around the body of the butterfly tying the knot at the top to form the antennae.

And we’re done!


Although these butterflies are adorable as is, you can make them into all sorts of patterns. A great way to display them is by attaching them to string in varying lengths to create some beautiful wall art.

If you find yourself following this pattern, I would love to see your creations. Please tag me over on Instagram or Twitter!


4 responses to “Crochet Butterfly Free pattern”

  1. mooeyandfriends Avatar

    Congratulations on your first crochet post! I’m definitely going to make a cute little butterfly! Thank you ♥



  2. ✨💗Michelle💗✨ (@MooeyAndFriends) Avatar

    Congratulations on your first crochet post! I’m definitely going to make a cute little butterfly! Thank you! ♥



  3. sandys5 Avatar

    That is cute! Now, I just need to learn to crochet -ha. My birthday is just around the corner and I asked for a beginning crochet book as crocheting is something that I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks for sharing.


  4. kayliahertel Avatar

    These are adorable! I can’t wait to try making some!


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