25 Things To Be Grateful For On My 25th Birthday

It’s my 25th birthday today! And what better way to celebrate a birthday than by talking about the things we are grateful for?

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Practising gratitude is a great way to help you feel happier in life. I often forget to look on the more positive side and I’m sure many others do too. Life can get in the way and we forget to take a moment to appreciate everything we have.

However, today is my birthday so it’s the perfect time for me to reflect on all the things I’m grateful for.

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Life Lessons From 23 Years Of Life

Life is full of experiences, lessons, mistakes and journeys. Sometimes we encounter things that amaze us, other times they destroy us. Since I turned 23 today, I thought that I would tell you some of the lessons that I have learnt through my 23 years of life.

♡ What people think about you is their problem, not yours.
♡ Not everything that you do needs to be considered as productive. Do things for fun.
♡ Inspiration is everywhere.
♡ Your instincts are there for a reason. Trust them.
♡ Love is having someone you want to take care of. Not just someone to take care of you.
♡ You’ll never regret chasing your dreams.
♡ Choose who to forgive and accept back into your life and who you should let go of.
♡ Living your life your way is important.
♡ Failure is the best teacher.
♡ Don’t wait until a new year to start something new.
♡ In loss and failure there’s opportunity for growth.
♡ It’s not your job to change people.
♡ Practising self care habits is more important that you would think.
♡ Believe in your capabilities.
♡ Avoiding impulse buying is hard but it needs to be done.
♡ Love at first sight is bullshit. It’s just sexual attraction, not love.
♡ You need to work hard to achieve your dreams.
♡ Stay humble.
♡ The kind of people that you surround yourself with will change your view on life.
♡ Don’t worry about something that can’t be changed.
♡ Choose your battles wisely.
♡ You won’t always get what you wished for that doesn’t mean you should give up.
♡ If they want to leave, let them.
♡ Take more photographs. You’ll be happy you did one day.
♡ Change can set you free.
♡ Stop trying to explain yourself to people who don’t want to listen.
♡ Kindness is free.
♡ Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.
♡ Make life count and do what makes you happy.

Remember, it is within your power to live the life that you want. The people who are with you can only support you and encourage you as you reach for your goals. So, go and live the life you want.

Happy Birthday, Simon!

So, if you didn’t already know, today is Simon’s birthday. We will be celebrating it by taking a trip to Chester Zoo and eating lots of cake!

For Simon’s birthday, we are getting annual passes for Disneyland Paris but we aren’t getting them for a few more months. I also got him a Wild At Heart DVD boxset as that’s what he wanted.

On top of the presents, bakerdays were lovely enough to send us a letterbox cake. I got to choose the design that I wanted and what flavour we received. I chose the design and flavour as a surprise for Simon.

So the process of choosing a cake is easy but the choices are endless so you’ll have to spend a while having a think. They have plenty of options available!

I chose a Pokemon themed cake as Simon loves Pokemon, he even have a Pokemon tattoo.

The cake arrived on time and we rushed to open it. The colours on the cake were super vibrant and beautiful and the cake was a perfect consistency.

It was also the perfect size for two people to enjoy together. Although, I probably could have eaten one all to myself it was that good!

If you’re looking for a birthday surprise for someone you love or maybe you want to treat yourself, then check out bakerdays! You can find them through their website, Twitter or Instagram.

Find out more about their cake delivery and their range of cakes for kids. You won’t be disappointed!